Your Art Expands Our Consciousness

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According to Allen Combs a professor of Consciousness Studies, “[poet and cultural historian Jean] Gebser’s explorations of art and history [began] with a sudden recognition that art at the fin de siècle represented a new kind of consciousness, a new way of seeing and experiencing reality.” In Combs article he goes on to explain how art and human consciousness has evolved beginning with the idea that consciousness is external or separate from ourselves.

…the number of points of view from which a modern person can see and understand the world is much greater than those available to our ancestors.

When we look at the oldest works of art they’re a mystery to us. We don’t know why or how they created some of the art that was created. Then over time, with some gaps here and there, we can see how consciousness grew from being considered separate from ourselves to becoming an internal dialogue within ourselves.

Changing perspective when it comes to vision is not a comfortable process. Thankfully, we have artists throughout history taking us from Flatland to new dimensions. Artists take the brunt of discomfort to allow a viewer to digest new ideas.

I can’t say why you create or tell you why you should create, but your job as an artist is imperative for our future generations. There are people out there who are hoping to find new perspective. They are looking for vision, motivation, inspiration. They are looking to escape and they are looking to feel a little less alone. They get all these things from you, as an artist. Your job is more valuable than you can see in real time.

Keep Arting. We need you.

Art and the Evolution of Consciousness — Журнал «Эрос и Космос»,

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