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Not all broken commitments hurt. Some we hope won’t work. Some commitments we initially hope don’t work out, and then when they don’t, we realize we do want it to work out. Then there’s some that work out and you wished they didn’t. The ones that workout just the way you planned, are priceless.

So when commitments are respected in a consistent and/or timely manor, enjoy it. Enjoy every second of it because it is never guaranteed to workout and it may never happen again.

For me, these days, I find it to be valuable that my friends and family can rely on me when I say that I’m going to do something. It did take time to learn to say no to things that I might not be able to commit to. It isn’t that I want to say no. As a matter of fact, in the moment I’m all for it. But as the week races past and my energy dwindles, I tend to want to be home with my family and a bag of gummies. It not only took learning to say no but also learning myself and knowing that I may not be up for that commitment by the time it arrives.

I think it’s important to be reliable because I want my friends and family to trust me. I want them to know someone will do what they say in a world full of talkers and non doers. I think this creates secure environment where people can feel safe and thrive as human beings.

So be honest and hold your end of the bargain. And when things work out the way you planned, relish in that shit.

A writer and sensitive realist who takes risks with the intention of progress

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