7 Ways to Trust Your Art

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As artists, it’s important to value the process but it’s trusting in your art that helps deliver it to world. When I find myself doubting my art, it brings me down. I get writers block. I can get overly frustrated while I’m creating so then, I can’t get it finished. That’s when creating isn’t fun for me anymore. So, we need to trust our art because it helps us to be confident in what we’re creating. We need to create because art makes the world go round. So here’s seven ways to trust your art so the world can keep on spinning.

Once you know why you’re arting, it makes it easier to stay committed to your work. It gives your work a rich touch that’s unique to you. Use your purpose, goals, and values as beacons to get you through the rough patches. There’s a million reasons to quit but you only need one to keep going. Discipline is great. Motivation is great. Determination is great. But none of those things are going to push you through your doubts, your blocks, and whatever else the universe throws at you. Find your purpose and let it destroy all the parts of you that want to quit.

What you have to share is irreplaceable. We are still discovering artists from centuries ago. Just because no one appreciates your work now, doesn’t mean it’s useless. Also you never know who you are inspiring by putting your art out there. There’s a lot of shy people who fear speaking up to support your art. But they still are moved by it. If for the briefest moment you rescue someone from their dark place, your work has fulfilled its purpose. This world has only a handful of moments that are pure beauty buried in the midst of a whole lot of bullshit. It doesn’t matter how you look at it. Dead is dead gone is gone and sometimes we are so lonely we can’t get out of bed. We need your work to get out of bed. We need your work to take one more breath. We need your work to remind us that there are times when everything is not ok and even then, we can still bask in a moment of bliss.

Wake up with brand new expectations for the work that needs to be done. Let go of whatever you didn’t finish the previous day and just focus on finishing your goals for that day. You may ask, well what if I get behind? Yes, that is a great question. I used to overwhelm myself when I didn’t complete my task list and it would snowball throughout the week until Friday came and I was ready quit because I could never catch back up. I’d find my self wrapped up with what I didn’t complete the day before. When I began to start everyday as a new day, the snowball effect disappeared, and I was still getting my work done in a mindful manor. Also, knowing that tomorrow is a fresh start and my work won’t snowball, means if I don’t push myself a bit harder to finish it, it’s not getting done and it will put me past my deadline. It’s effective. Start everyday as a new day and don’t allow the unfinished work snowball into an anxious mess.

If you’re an artist, your work begins before you begin putting fingers to keyboard or paintbrush to canvas. Whatever art you do, remind yourself how far you’ve come to get to this point. Recognize your efforts so that you can feel confident about your current skill level. Then keep moving forward.

A good chunk of the time, it’s important for me to just throw my work out there. If I edit a piece too much it can lose the initial meaning. It’s ok to allow your art to evolve but don’t ruminate on it to the point of not sharing it. Which leads to my next point …

Sometimes you just have to let it go. Let the world have it and start working on your next piece. By the time you’re sharing, a new piece should already be beginning to bloom. Don’t let your finished work collect dust. Your work is valuable and the world needs it. Send it out into the world so that you can move on to your next adventure.

Trust Your Art. You got this.

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