Time To Let Go

As a writer, letting go is part of the process. Sometimes it’s a character, or a sentence, or our favorite word, but we will always be letting go of our stories. Every time I send one of my stories out into the world it’s a process for me. Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes I close my eyes, point, and click. And other times, I put my computer away and pace the hou before I can actually give it away.

We all have things in our lives that we grip onto for an infinite number of reasons. With so much change in life, it’s easy to want to cling onto something for years without even realizing it. Then things shift and move, gears turn or freeze from rust. This is life. I understand saying these words doesn’t make letting go any easier. But maybe it’s time to write the ending and move on to a new story.



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A writer and sensitive realist who takes risks with the intention of progress