The Only Thing You Should Be Carrying

Photo by TK Hammonds on Unsplash

In life there’s going to be times when people look you in the eye and try their best to tear you apart. And they might succeed in that moment, but they lost the war to win this tiny insignificant battle.

When you get home and shake off the heartless words slung at you,

you are going to get back up

and you’re going to keep moving forward toward your dreams.

You know why,

because dreams are so much bigger than you could ever imagine.

You wake up and you trudge and before you shut your eyes you were trudging. And you’re going to do this over and over again till you can look back at those very mean things and let them sting you a lot less.

Time doesn’t heal wounds. Moving forward doesn’t even heal wounds.

But you know what does?

Learning how to feel those hurts. Learning how to keep going despite them.

And don’t you even dare let them bring you down to keep the peace. Don’t let them bring you down because you’re tired. Don’t let them bring you down because you’re in public. Don’t let them bring you down, period. They are wrong. They may not know it now but they will. And it might be too late when they do. But that’s not for you. When they’ll realize their wrongs is not for you to carry.

The only thing you should be carrying is the discipline to reach your dreams.



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