The Mug You Always Wanted

Photo by Clarissa Carbungco on Unsplash

For a long time I thought supporting myself was to stay focused on my physical health.

Like, what I eat, working out, rest, but I’m came to realize supporting myself is a lot more work than that.

You have to learn yourself and come to realize you aren’t the person everyone wants you to be.

Let’s just say everyone expects you to be a coffee drinker. And they just know it’s the right thing for you. Well, between you and I, you’re actually not a coffee drinker. You’re more of a milk drinker. But you’ve only internalized how frustrated you are with people assuming you like coffee. So finally one day, you start supporting your milk drinking with an outburst by shouting I DON’T LIKE COFFEE, I LIKE MILK.

And everyone hears you and looks at you funny. Maybe confused. Some come up to you with concern because they really think you should be a coffee drinker.

So at that point, the shouting is just for approval (because really you’d be drinking the milk already if you didn’t need approval.)

Then, you begin to say it to yourself. You know, I really do enjoy milk.

You start getting mugs that say happy milk phrases like MOO. (That’s a great mug idea by the way) Then when they question you while you have your moo cup in hand with milk in it, it doesn’t matter so much anymore.

And you feel good. And you supported yourself.

Now do it a thousand more times.

Obviously, this moo situation is not going to be identical to everyone’s situation. But I know there’s someone out there drinking coffee instead of milk to appease the people. And to them I say, Moo!!

Be Yourself. People might care, but life is better when you get the mug you’ve always wanted.




A writer and sensitive realist who takes risks with the intention of progress

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A writer and sensitive realist who takes risks with the intention of progress

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