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My new obsession is entrepreneurship. I’m new to this entire world. I have dabbled here and there in basic business ideas, but the idea of entrepreneurship is a lot more exciting. I like the idea of having a few things going on at one time. I like the idea of slowly carving away with hardwork to be successful.

Being a writer has disciplined me to do things daily, even if I don’t want to do them. I feel like I can continue these habits into building something bigger. I think writing is important and is my main purpose, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t work at other things as well. If anything, it will add to my experience as a writer.

For anyone else who’s just jumping into the world of entrepreneurship, I wanted to share four things that I’ve started doing.

Instagram is my favorite platform right now. So I began searching and following today’s leaders in entrepreneurship. This way, I can get inspiration, clips, stories and follow their lead. I save the posts I like most so I can both watch them later and have these types of accounts in my algorithm. I don’t know much about algorithms but I assume the more you like and save certain types of hashtags, the more likely you’ll find those accounts and those accounts will find you.

I feel like you’ll find everything you need to know on youtube. So I’ve looked up some different videos to keep me inspired and educate me.

Facebook groups aren’t always easy to find but I started getting involved with different entrepreneur groups for women and bloggers. This gives me a community that understands the hard work that goes into this lifestyle and the support I need to move forward.

I’ve been talking to different people about my new interest. Some people have information to share, some are super supportive, and some want to get on board with me. Talking about it with people has only been helpful and made it more exciting for me.

It’s only been a couple weeks but this is where I’ve started and I hope the momentum continues.

Here’s a list of people on Instagram I’ve begun to follow (with some help from my brother).

Robert Kiyosaki as therealkiyosaki

Grant Cardone as grantcardone

Tai Lopez as tailopez

Sara Blakely as sarablakely

Gerard Adams as gerardadams

Arvin as arvinsworld

Lewis Howes as lewishowes

Gabrielle Bernstein as gabbybernstein

Brene Brown as brenebrown

Tony Robbins as tonyrobbins

Gary Vaynerchuk as garyvee

If you have any leaders I haven’t listed that you enjoy following, please let me know.

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