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I enjoy a good romance or a good cry from the loss of a character I’ve come to feel close to. I like delaying or sacrificing my own current desires for my daughters. I like spending time with those I feel most connected to. These are all descriptions of love. But I’d really like to see us start getting more creative by using descriptions of how you show appreciation to those closest to you.

When I started using other words besides the word love, it opened a ton of different ways I could develop a healthy relationship with myself. “Yes, Self, I love you” just became redundant and didn’t really help me step into a place of action. Now, when I’m doing something for myself I define the action. “I’m going to allow myself to step away to write because it helps me unload my thoughts which gives me the energy to focus on the needs of my daughters and my mother.”

Love is a beautiful word and I don’t want to wipe it from our language, but maybe we have allowed it to become too general. We’ve allowed it to become this elusive thing that is selective to only those with the ability to feel, but that’s not true. So let’s stop using love as a magical word, and instead try out using different words or phrases that show how you are stepping into action for those closest to you.

You are fully accepted here

I am willing to set aside my time to spend time with you

Lets learn something together

I’m listening because hearing what you have to say is important to me

I want to be there when you need me

I trust you

Lets make this work because I care about our relationship

I think of things we can do together when you’re away

Hearing your voice makes me smile

Seeing you smile makes me feel good

I enjoy learning from you and I always want to learn more

You are worth my time

You are worth my efforts

You are worthy of commitment and honesty

I have gotten tripped up on the L word in the past. Now I know there’s a million ways to act on the L word. Let’s try and start using other words so we can make clear our actions and intentions.

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A writer and sensitive realist who takes risks with the intention of progress

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