Stop fighting to do what you love

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Are you getting tired of fighting for your writing? Does it seem like it takes more energy to create right now then you can muster? Good! That means you’re fighting for the things you want in life. That push back when you go to step away from the world to create, means you’re headed in exactly the right direction. But…

What if I told you that you don’t have to fight to get your writing done? This writing thing, like love, is all about perception. You must learn to adapt. Allow yourself to go to your writing. Allow your writing to come to you. Gravitate towards each other. With this mindset you are already writing and that’s all there is to it. All else becomes part of the dance. This is how we grow our wings and evolve into the writer we’ve always wanted to be.

It may feel like you’re doing it wrong or you’re being selfish for needing this mental, emotional, and physical space. Hear me when I say, you’re doing it right. That kind of selfish is exactly what your writing needs you to be right now.

Don’t lose energy pushing other obstacles away. Taking time to write each day doesn’t mean that your writing is more important than cleaning. It doesn’t mean that your writing is more important than Sally’s phone call. They are both equally important and one thing should be done at a time. You don’t wash the dishes and vacuum the floor at the same time. You finish doing one then move on to the other. The same with writing, first you write, then you tend to what needs to be done next. So, keep going. Keep writing and being selfish with the time you spend alone honing your craft.

It’s time to accept that you’re a writer and you’re already writing.

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A writer and sensitive realist who takes risks with the intention of progress

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