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I could die before I finish my book and no one else can finish it for me because at this point, I don’t even know what’s coming next. I do hope I’ll be kickin and breathin long after I finish this book and that I will continue to have more books to sell, but keeping life in perspective helps to hold myself accountable.

What’s great is keeping life in perspective also pushes me to be intentional in my relationships. I try my best to be present because I know there’s a chance one of us might not make it. It helps me to be mindful of the things I say and do because I value their existence and I want them to have a nice time being alive along side me.

It also keeps you from wasting your time. I have always had a hard time with meaningless endeavors. I never really understood why people did things just to do things. These days, I would do them just to do them. To allow myself to be present in a new place or new situation.

That said, I don’t allow this perception to turn me into a machine or to get to the point where I’m living in fear.

The only point is to live intentionally.

Living like you could be gone tomorrow brings more value to the things in front of you. So keep in mind life is fragile and temporary. Write the way you want, and love with an open heart. These things you can give are priceless.

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