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How do we bring value back to being alive? Well, before I took time to value myself I always made excuses to do it later, or next week, or when my daughters grow up, or when I’m retired and can really focus. The thing is, if we can’t value ourselves right now, we can’t value our children, our jobs, or even just a stranger on the street in their present state.

This is why learning to value yourself is important because what you don’t value about yourself will reflect on how you value others. For example, for a long time I didn’t value my time. I would squander it supporting anything everyone around me without taking time to myself. So when people weren’t willing to put in as much oppressive effort as I was putting in, I lost respect for them, when actually, they were simply taking care of themselves and I should not have judged them for taking that space. Now that I value my own time, not only am I more understanding of others but my time with those I love is significantly more rich. Like, I don’t want to waste a second with them. I wanna eat sushi and hike new trails and do whatever else will make us both happy.

So find some ways to see where you aren’t valuing yourself, and start learning to accept and value those parts of you so you can value those things in others.

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