Health Wealth and Wisdom

Jun 4, 2021


Creative writing from inside the mind of a Stay-at-home-mom

Photo by Zach Lucero on Unsplash

It’s as comforting as a child in the arms of a wanting mother.
Free from my opinions. An
afterbirth tossed with a slap
Nameless dollars and cents
Gifted, I drop my fat round chin

A book named and penned to completion
A towering trade off of just-because-I-love-yous
The look in my eye that says, I’ve done it, with nothing left to prove
A babysitter
and this curious mind of mine freed from salvation

Health Wealth and Wisdom In spirit and in life is here without an ounce of harm done to gain it.

Saschia Johnson




A writer and sensitive realist who takes risks with the intention of progress