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Our own internal safety mechanisms are always going to pull us away from our wounds. They are intentionally going to take us away from where we need to heal, any second they possibly can.

What is a wound exactly? A wound is a place in life where you were hurt physically or emotionally, directly, or indirectly. A lot of us want to move on and not feel what we felt about that situation but moving forward without allowing ourselves to feel those feelings can cause long term damage. Our thoughts travel entirely too fast to acknowledge a hurt years later. This in turn, can cause us to overreact to something seemingly insignificant. In that moment of reaction, we are unaware that we are only reacting from a wound we never allowed ourselves to feel.

We speak, act, and think through our wounds, so it’s best to become aware of those wounds so we can use them to make better choices in the future. If you don’t, they will make you react in a way that’s out of character for you. This in turn, will only create new wounds and new pains. It can turn into a vicious cycle.

When it comes to timing, there’s no better time to focus on healing your wounds than right now. Stop pretending like everything is ok and positive when everything is not ok and positive. Acknowledge your wounds. Heal from them.

This is how we heal the world. This is where change starts.

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