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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Fighting for yourself is exhausting so your tribe needs to be fighting for themselves too because then they’ll understand why you’re so busy and why you’re so tired.

Fighting for yourself doesn’t look like binge watching movies every night or spending weekends doing nothing

it’s being overwhelmed with a mountain of information you feel you’ll never get to

it’s having to write and rewrite your goals until they’re precise

to speak up especially when you’re afraid or even learning to stay silent

it’s email and messages and family members who are waiting for your attention

and waiting for you success

it’s trying to balance connection with craft and work with family

it’s pushing through doubt

and sometimes losing

its clapping for yourself when no one else knows to

and learning to stand after failure

It’s doing all these things because you know, no one else is going to do them for you

So fight for yourself and find others willing to fight for themselves along with you

so you feel a little less alone doing it

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