If you’re feeling like the world is getting to you, like you just can’t get a break, make some art. You will still hurt. You will still be soft but every time you share your guts, one more person will be less alone. But don’t do it for the others no, do it because this is the most important thing on your list.

There’s going to be a million people who tell you how to live, how to spend your money, when to laugh, but do not let one person tell you how to art. Study the masters, don’t study them. None of that matters when it comes to survival. Art is all that matters when your life is in question.

Just shut the world out. Clear the voices of doubt and reason away and create. There is something collective in art especially art done in solitude.

When you think you’re bored in the middle of your work, that’s where you push harder. That’s where elevation lives.

There is no use in arguing with those outside you about your feelings. Take your guts and use them to create a whole new world.

The new world is internal. It starts internal and then it takes belief, and then it takes sacrifice and then it takes convincing leaders.

This is what comes from art.

New thoughts, New freedoms, New ideas

This makes a life worth living and dying for.

So when you feel like you have nothing left,

art it up.

A writer and sensitive realist who takes risks with the intention of progress