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Consciousness is the ability to exchange a vast amount of ideas. These ideas can be externally or internally challenged. They are concepts that grow and change and bloom or fizzle away to allow new ones to take their place. In some instances, consciousness can separate the individual from things around them and in other instances, consciousness brings connection. It’s this constant exchange that is consciousness and it is this exchange that is also art.

How can consciousness separate an individual?

Consciousness can separate an individual from others in many ways. One main way it can separate them socially is if one person sees ideas or concepts in a different way than the majority.

How can it connect individuals?

Consciousness can also connect an individual to things around them. It connects us when we have similar feelings, whether towards each other or toward a specific outcome. Two people who have similar exchange of ideas feel strongly connected and may even call each other soulmates. In another way, many people claim they feel a stronger connection to a group when they are all fighting toward the same cause even if they are all fighting for different reasons. Having similar desires for a specific outcome makes for stronger emotions toward exchanging ideas.

As artists, when we become aware of our own natural exchange of ideas, we analyze what is not in line with the majority, and ask why. Or we just analyze what we want without the hindrance of popular expectations. These two acts are the consciousness. They are the art.

Art isn’t the paint, or the brush strokes, or perfect grammar. Art is giving our inner thoughts to the outer world so they can then use them to nurture their own consciousness.

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A writer and sensitive realist who takes risks with the intention of progress

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