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The trick to writing everyday

I’m just gunna go ahead and lead with it. The trick is to write tired. It feels real uncomfortable and it’s even harder to make everything make sense. …

and less about when

It’s taking a long time to get my novel finished and I’m kind of embarrassed about it. I was hoping my book would be ready last year at this time. Anyway, being embarrassed is ok as long as I don’t quit and show some dignity.


Creativity requires a messy start

In the beginning, there’s only this chaos of thoughts with many different names that we as artists morph into one thing. We grab a bit here, a bit there, and create where we need to.

There’s many different reasons people decide to create things. Some…

It’s where you start

The beginning is where you start. It’s that simple. I sound like a dummy here but bare with me

We start new things and decide on building new habits and it’s wild how we want instant results. I’ll even go as far to say, it’s not…

Use your blog to get healthy mind body and soul

Staying consistent. Constantly having to mind your mood and how much water you take in. It’s tiring. Failing to do it properly can cause us to shame ourselves and send us down the shame spiral. …

You can overcome anything but it’s ok to let some things take time. Grief, takes time. Falling in love again, take time. Learning to trust yourself again after leaving an abusive relationship, takes time. There are going to be days where overcoming anything can feel impossible. You must remind yourself…

What we want know about our readers and what we need to know as bloggers

Reader, what do you want to read and what keeps you coming back?

As a reader, I prefer to focus on blogs that speak to me on a personal level or educate me. I mostly…

It is so freeing isn't it? I enjoy having a place where I can release my thoughts into the universe. Thank you for sharing your blogging story. I think it's so interesting.

Mindful of my emotions

I’m excited about life. I’m excited to wake up. It’s scary and challenging but engaging and empowering all at once. I’m juggling and hoping that all the balls stay up while I adjust to my new lifestyle. But let me share what’s running through my mind…


A writer and sensitive realist who takes risks with the intention of progress

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